Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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  • 24/11/2016
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Maya Bay, Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

The main reason for our trip to Phuket was to celebrate the ‘significant birthday’ of my lovely friend Linzi and what better way to celebrate the day than an adventure by speedboat to Maya Bay, also known as ‘The Beach’… Never in a million years, when I first saw the Leonardo di Caprio film all those years ago, did I think I would ever be lucky enough to set foot on the ‘Pure Shores’ that All Saints sang about. But I did! And I am beyond grateful to have had that opportunity. Truly a day that Linzi, Jen & I will remember forever.

Our day started with our usual delicious breakfast at the Baan Yuree Resort before our pick-up. On our way out, I had a sneaky word with the ever helpful & smiley reception staff to see if they could decorate our room with balloons and banners for a small fee. Apologies were made to the birthday girl who in turn sneaked up on me to see what I was up to, causing a minor heart attack and was promptly told to go away for her troubles. All was to be revealed later…

So, as we arrived at the pier before boarding our speedboat, we were warned that the sea was a bit rough and the weather was a bit questionable but we were not deterred and I was unfazed as I was confident I had every eventuality covered with the contents of my ‘Mary Poppins’ beach bag… Factor 50, change of clothes, rain jacket, assorted snacks & beverages, variety of medical supplies etc…

First stop on our exhilarating high speed voyage was the stunning Khai Nai Island where we chilled on the beach soaking up the sun, did a little shopping and drank coconut water from an actual coconut. Worth every Bhat! Kho Yao was the next stop and thankfully we had the most exquisite lunch under cover as the heavens opened for the first of many short but torrential downpours. With the sea now a bit unsettled (to say the least) we boarded the boat and took off for Bamboo Island. Now… what a beach this was! Quite busy but huge & everyone was in good spirits. Jen & I went for our first proper swim of the day. Absolute bliss. Being known to have a need of clean facilities I will admit to having a pee pee in the waters of the phi phi islands but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one as there were reports of the facilities not quite being up to my standards! Quite liberating it was too! Despite the weather, the sea was a lovely temperature (not because of my contribution!) and I was quite reluctant to come out. But as we had a limited time, I had to. So, I expertly and discreetly changed my clothes much to the amusement and ridicule of the girls. I had the last laugh though when the heavens opened again and I was in lovely dry clothes complete with cagoule! Smug doesn’t even come close!


A short hair raising and extremely choppy boat ride later we arrived at Monkey Beach where I learned that monkeys could swim! I’m sure most people already knew that however I had never given the matter much thought so was delighted and surprised when I saw a cheeky wee monkey leap off a rock into the sea to get himself a banana! Beyond cute and I was utterly fascinated with this clever little chap. Nearby, I took the opportunity to get in the water again and do a bit of snorkelling and saw some beautiful fish but I won’t lie, not knowing what else is in there & having restricted peripheral vision made me a little anxious but nevertheless I’m glad I did it. You only live once, right!

Last stop & the main event… Maya Bay. Words & photographs do not do it justice. My heart leapt and I squealed with delight as we rounded the natural cove and entered the bay. Overwhelmed and emotional we could not get off the boat quick enough. We ran through the water onto the pristine white sand with grins bigger than the Cheshire Cat. We’re here! Holy shitballs! It’s stunning! Just when you think the day can’t get any better you arrive at the most iconic beach where a Hollywood Hearthrob inspired so many modern hippies, backpackers and writers like me. A real dream come true. Linzi & Jen shared my excitement. We laughed, swam, took a million photos and thanked our lucky stars. We were extremely lucky to have The Beach largely to ourselves being later afternoon. According to Yaya (our super chilled guide) mornings are jam packed and best avoided. It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t find Leo there as I may have thought I had really died and gone to heaven. In saying that, being there with 2 of my best friends is pretty hard to beat. I’m so happy we got to have this experience together.

The journey back to the pier was like being on a roller coaster. I happen to quite like roller coasters but I understand that it was a tough journey for some of the group. I much prefer boats to scareoplanes & my strange logic is that I can swim but I can’t fly. Pleasantly pooped, we arrived back at the hotel and I tipped the receptionist a wink.

Excuses made with much faffing and dithering, Jen passed Linzi the room key and we shoved her in first at which point she burst our eardrums with earth shattering screams. The whole room was filled with brightly coloured balloons and a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner as requested. 10 minutes later (post wink prompt) there was a knock at the door. More faffing and dithering from Jen & I forced poor Linzi to answer the door only to be pounced upon by 3 members of staff bearing a birthday cake courtesy of the hotel and singing Happy Birthday. The look on her face was absolutely priceless. Twice!


The perfect end to a perfect day for my perfect friend. We 3 Amigos spent the evening sitting on our balcony eating cake, drinking Thai beers from the minibar and singing songs from The Beach soundtrack. The girliest of girly days and I loved it! Thank you to Linzi, Jen and everyone who made this such a memorable day. Much love…

Next stop James Bond Island in search of Scaramanga!


Top Tip : Go ahead and be Mary Poppins! Take everything you need to make the most of the day.


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