Dublin, Ireland

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  • 01/11/2015
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Dublin, Ireland

When I was invited to join my dear friends Jonni & Dan in the Emerald Isle for ‘the craic’ (banter), I felt it was an opportunity not to be missed. My half hour return Ryanair flight from Glasgow worked out at around £30 (assorted silly fees but no baggage). I paid a further £10.20 for a return transfer with Aircoach which really could not have been easier (comfy seats & Wi-Fi on-board) and dropped me on O’Connell Street where I met Jonni for a post-flight beverage in Madigan’s while Dan attended a conference (the main purpose of the trip). As there was 3 of us, we opted to rent an apartment for the duration of our trip with StayCity on Millennium Walk. Comfortable, clean and intermittent Wi-Fi. This is a terrific location as it’s busy with all nationalities of eateries and has a Spar with Subway for essential snacks however it can be a bit noisy of an evening so I did make use of my earplugs.

Bags ditched, we headed off to the Temple Bar area for dinner and landed at the Kathmandu Kitchen on Dame Street where I had a very tasty Himalayan vegetable curry. Granted not a very Irish dinner but being half an hour from home, there isn’t much of a difference in our cuisine and, being a vegetarian, an Irish stew was never really on the cards. Our night evolved into a bit of a pub crawl which started at PantiBar on Capel Street which is owned by gay rights activist & drag superstar Panti Bliss. A nice enough bar but not particularly busy on a Tuesday, clearly not the night to be ‘out’, so we moved on to The Temple Bar (the actual bar) which is quite pricey however oozes atmosphere, has excellent live musicians and very nice toilets which in my opinion is worth the price tag. The Temple Bar boasts a Guinness World Record after guitarist Dave Brown played for 114 hours in June 2011. I never tired of asking the barman for a Galway Hooker which for those who don’t know is in fact a craft beer named after a type of boat not a lady of the night. I just thought it was a hoot to ask for a Galway hooker, vodka & coke without anyone batting an eye. It was here that we met Jeff who is a fellow blogger and hung out with us for the rest of the evening. Jeff was on the last leg of his world tour of all places beer as The Biking Brewer, for those with an interest in cycling and beer. As The Temple Bar closed we tottered further down the street to Gogarty’s which is again quite a traditional pub with live music but not so nice toilets… But it was open for another hour which suited our purposes. Our next stop was The Carlyle Club in a rickshaw which was not quite what we were expecting so we only stayed for a couple of drinks to be polite having paid a 15 Euro entrance fee and we shall say no more about it…

The following day, as you can imagine was a bit of a write off however we did make it to The Leprechaun Museum on Jervis Street which was adorable. We had a Storyteller who was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she guided us around the exhibit telling tales of the origins of Leprechauns, Fairies and all manner of other mythical creatures and folklore. I particularly enjoyed ‘The Giant’s Room’ which was furnished with tables & chairs 3 times the normal size so I got a real feel for what it’s like to be the size of a Leprechaun which was fun. Great for kids of all ages. Wishing to stay close to home, we dined at the fabulous Koh Restaurant where I had a delicious Thai yellow curry which was exactly what I needed in my weakened condition. Absolute perfection.

A good sleep and we were raring to go exploring. Brown Thomas on Grafton Street is an absolute must for the fashionistas amongst you. After a good perv at the designer handbags I refuelled with a hot chocolate at Butlers, said hello to Molly Malone on Suffolk Street and headed off on the City Sightseeing Bus Tour which was 19 Euro & took us past all the known landmarks, St Patricks Cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, The Old Jamieson Distillery, Kilmainham Prison, Trinity College, Leinster House & Dublin Castle. We opted to have a Guinness at The Auld Dubliner instead of taking the Guinness factory tour due to limited time and also at an additional 19 Euro, I didn’t really feel inclined as I’m not really a Guinness drinker so I felt it was a bit much for something I’m not really that interested in. Dinner that evening was at the Mexican Restaurant Cactus Jacks again on Millennium Walk which was great. My vegetable fajitas warmed me up after a chilly afternoon out. The boys seemed rather pleased with their tapas too.

My final sight to see before heading home was pointed out to us by our cab driver back to O’Connell Street. The Spire of Dublin. This is a really modern piece of art right in the centre of the street reaching 120 meters in the air. The driver lovingly referred to this monument by several nicknames including The Stiletto in the Ghetto, The Stiffy by The Liffey & The Erection at the Intersection to name but a few… Well, I did come here for ‘the craic’ & that’s exactly what I got! Fun Times!


Top Tip : Take plenty of spending money to make the most of the experience. It’s not really a place for budget travellers.

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