24 hours in Edinburgh, Scotland

  • By Wendy
  • 07/12/2016
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24Hrs in Edinburgh Being a Glasgow Girl, my heart belongs to my home town & despite an age old rivalry between the two cities, I am delighted to share my … Continue Reading →

Pitlochry, Scotland

  • By Wendy
  • 08/02/2016
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Pitlochry, Scotland After a series of events which caused a great deal of sadness & a disappointing end to 2015, the only thing to do was book a summer trip … Continue Reading →

York, England

  • By Wendy
  • 13/10/2015
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York, England When life throws me lemons, I have a habit of making lemonade. I wasn’t actually supposed to be in York but ended up having an impromptu stopover as … Continue Reading →

Oxford, England

  • By Wendy
  • 20/08/2015
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Oxford, England Prior to visiting Oxford, my knowledge was somewhat limited to the University and the 1980’s TV series Inspector Morse. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad … Continue Reading →

Blenheim Palace, England

  • By Wendy
  • 19/07/2015
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Blenheim Palace, England Whilst out and about exploring the beautiful Cotswolds during my recent ‘Staycation’, I discovered, to my absolute delight, that the magnificent Blenheim Palace was located in a … Continue Reading →

The Cotswolds, England

  • By Wendy
  • 19/06/2015
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The Cotswolds, England Known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which I can enthusiastically confirm, the Cotswolds take in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and North Somerset. Known as … Continue Reading →

Dunoon, Scotland

  • By Wendy
  • 01/06/2015
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Dunoon, Scotland The delightful seaside town of Dunoon can be discovered on the Cowal Peninsula in Argyll which is arguably one of the prettiest parts of the country. Easily accessible … Continue Reading →

Stoke Potteries, England

  • By Wendy
  • 25/05/2015
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Stoke Potteries, England If I’m being honest, this will be a mini-blog! I was passing Stoke en route to The Cotswolds (stay tuned!) and thought ‘Why not?’ to myself. It’s … Continue Reading →

Aviemore, Scotland

  • By Wendy
  • 13/05/2015
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Aviemore, Scotland I’ll let you into a little secret… I absolutely freaking love Aviemore! Since childhood this place has been my secret escape. I have so many happy memories over … Continue Reading →

Oban, Scotland

  • By Wendy
  • 09/01/2015
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Oban, Scotland Never was the phrase ‘Batten down the Hatches’ more appropriate than on this wet and windy trip to Oban. In saying that, the dramatic weather only added to … Continue Reading →