Pisa, Italy

  • By Wendy
  • 17/08/2016
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Pisa, Italy When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie…. I admit it… The only reason I really went to Pisa was to eat pizza in Pisa. … Continue Reading →

Venice, Italy

  • By Wendy
  • 31/07/2016
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Venice, Italy Without a doubt the most unique place I have ever been. Life carries on as normal where roads are canals and cars are boats. Where else would you … Continue Reading →

Rome, Italy

  • By Wendy
  • 04/06/2016
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Rome, Italy Ciao Bella! What better place to start the summer and enjoy La Dolce Vita than The Eternal City. Mama Mia! What a place! Where do we start? The … Continue Reading →